Sea-Crop is a concentrate that contains all of the wonderful goodness of seawater in concentrated form but with the sodium chloride 95% reduced.


A gallon of Sea-Crop makes 100 gallons of Sea-Crop ready for application.


Since 2005 Sea-Crop has been used in the Netherlands with great success for specialty greenhouse crops. Benefits documented are earlier ripening, increased yield, increased mineral content, improved storage life and increased ORAC.


Greenhouse Studies

Sea-Crop evaluation in a commercial greenhouse on green beans grown in soil. Yields improved 68% and crop ripening was accelerated compared to the untreated control group. Results also include improved plant growth, leaf size and root volume.


Green Bean Study


Sea-Crop evaluation in an experimental greenhouse on zucchini in a soilless medium. The results include increased yield, improved leaf size, number of fruits and root mass. Treatments also supported an earlier harvest compared to the untreated control group.


Zuchinni study


What is ORAC?

ORAC, Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity, is a test that quantifies general plant health and nutrient levels. More specifically it quantifies the antioxidant activity. It is similar to brix testing which measures the total dissolved solid content in plant sap. Brix readings indicate general plant health, pest and disease resistance, and most importantly quality. This paper helps provide more information about ORAC and the affect Sea-Crop has on plant ORAC activity.


ORAC general info and Sea-Crop affect


It has been shown that Sea-Crop has virtually no ORAC activity in and of itself yet dramatically enhances the ORAC activity in plants it is applied to. This analysis is the report that proves it is not Sea-Crop that directly increases plant ORAC activity but it does enhance the plant's ability to synthesize and produce important and vital compounds. Sea-Crop provides the necessary building blocks and catalyzes biochemical functions particularly supporting enhanced enzyme activity.


Sea-Crop ORAC




Plant ORAC Test Results

Testing has proved that adding Sea-Crop enhances ORAC activity. There is also very positive-impact yields. In Sea-Crop treated cucumbers ORAC activity increased 37% and the yield increased 7.1%. In Sea-Crop treated tomatoes ORAC activity increased 13.6% and the yield increased 31.4%.


Cucumber study


Tomato study



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