Sea-Crop is a concentrate that contains all of the wonderful goodness of seawater in concentrated form but with the sodium chloride 95% reduced.


A gallon of Sea-Crop makes 100 gallons of Sea-Crop ready for application.

Kurt Lubbe with Sea-Crop® treated yellow Finn potatoes.



“I have been growing Yellow Finnish Potatoes for over thirty years. After several years of disappointing production I noticed my plants were dying prematurely around the first part of August every year resulting in low tonnage and small potatoes. I decided to use Sea-Crop® along with my normal fertilizer program. I sprayed Sea-Crop® in the furrow at 1/2 gallon per acre when planting and then sprayed a foliar feed when plants were around a foot tall. I then irrigated a third application at bloom. What was most obvious was how lush and vigorous the plants maintained throughout the growing season. Upon harvesting, the overall size and uniformity of the potatoes was exceptional. I also saw an increase in tonnage of twenty five percent. I’m a firm believer that this product improved my potato crop and it will be a regular part of my farming practices.”

— Kurt Lubbe, Lubbe Farms, Montesano, Washington





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