Sea-Crop is a concentrate that contains all of the wonderful goodness of seawater in concentrated form but with the sodium chloride 95% reduced.


A gallon of Sea-Crop makes 100 gallons of Sea-Crop ready for application.

Healthy cattle on Abe Collins’ Sea-Crop® treated improved pasture.


 “In the nine years that I have used Sea-Crop® on my own and clients’ crops, grasslands and livestock, I have always seen powerful yield, quality and health responses. Like any land manager, I do nothing in isolation — I am always operating in the context of soil life, plants, grazing animals, financial restraints and opportunities and the needs of people I work with. Sea-Crop® consistently strengthen this whole web, from the plants and soil on up. The support and insight Ambrosia Technology has provided me along the way has always been rapid and deep. I couldn’t ask for a better product or better service, and I consider Sea-Crop® to be an irreplaceable input for my work in growing topsoil, healthy livestock and producer success.”

— Abe Collins, Collins Grazing, LLC, Saint Albans, Vermont




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