Sea-Crop is a concentrate that contains all of the wonderful goodness of seawater in concentrated form but with the sodium chloride 95% reduced.


A gallon of Sea-Crop makes 100 gallons of Sea-Crop ready for application.

The Beginning: Dr Maynard Murray


Dr. Murray, a medical doctor and research scientist, was troubled by the obvious continual decline of American health and subsequent flourishing pharmaceutical industry. He searched for reasons, on a biological and chemical level, as to why our bodies lose their resistance to chronic illness and develop degenerative disease. His studies led him to sea where miraculously cancer, arthritis, arteriosclerosis and aging on a cellular level seemingly do not exist. He discovered that sea life is sustained in a balanced solution consisting of all 90+ atomic table elements. Dr. Murray observed that a cubic foot of seawater contains considerably more living organisms than an equivalent amount of soil.


He theorized the apparent difference in disease resistance and vitality between life on land and in the sea is due to mineral deficiencies in our soil and food. He visualized an endless cycle wherein continents rise from the sea rich with minerals. The constant effects of climate: freezing, thawing, rainfall and erosion combined with mankind's historically poor stewardship of the land and increasing acid rain cause topsoil minerals to go into solution. These mineral solutions enter streams and rivers that subsequently flow into the sea. Dr. Murray concluded these minerals hold the key to human health and that it made perfect sense to recapture them and restore them to our soils.


Initially, he successfully experimented using diluted seawater on soils and crops. In an effort to reduce shipping expense he decided to try working with seawater evaporated to complete dryness. Then only the 3.5% of seawater that is the mineral content would need to be shipped. He called these dried minerals "sea solids" and used them, during many years of extensive and well documented research, on all types of crops and soils. The results were consistently the same: the plants flourished, matured more rapidly, were healthier, more disease and drought resistant and produced outstanding taste along with greater yields. In assays testing for nutrients, foods grown with Murray's sea solids had significantly more minerals (ash content), vitamins (25% more vitamins C in tomatoes, 40% more vitamin A in carrots) and sugars. In addition, he witnessed the same amazing results in all types of livestock and poultry that were offered feed grown in soil enriched with his sea solids. Physiologically, animals were healthier, gained weight more rapidly and reached maturity sooner. The main difficulty with Dr. Murray's system is that it required the application of 1,500 pounds per acre of dried sea salt to achieve the desired results.


During his years of research, from the late 1930's to his passing in 1983, he did wonderful pioneering work proving conclusively that seawater contains bioactive principles important for optimum growth and health of both land and sea life.



The Challenge: To extract from seawater the bioactive principles without the salt.


Proceeding from the work of Dr. Murray and guided by a test for bioactivity recommended to us by Dr. Philip Callahan we entered onto a path of research that was to culminate with the creation of the product SEA-CROP. Our first goal was to extract from seawater most of the bioactive principles while leaving behind most of the water and sodium chloride. In our opinion this would be the only way a seawater extract would become economical and have a broad-based agricultural application.


We were successful in making a bioactive seawater extract loaded with trace minerals and it performed well compared to Dr. Murray's system but instead of 1,500 lbs per acre only one to three gallons per acre of concentrate were needed.



The First Clues:


It was observed that the seawater extract had two unexplained characteristics. First, if the extract was allowed to dry out completely most of the bioactivity was lost. Second, if the extract was not stored in an opaque container, ultra violet light would cause a decrease in bioactivity. Neither of these characteristics is explainable by Murray's hypothesis that it is the marine trace minerals that are the bioactive principle of seawater. In fact Dr. Murray felt so strongly about this that in the first paragraph of his June 1, 1963 patent application he specifically excludes the organic component of seawater from the patent.


These observations did explain why Dr. Murray needed to use 1,500 pounds per acre of dried sea salt for the results he achieved.



The Next Clue:


After extensive sampling of Pacific Ocean coastal waters in both the United States and Mexico a pattern was observed. It became clear that the mineral concentration in the sampled waters or the extracts made from them was not an accurate predictor of bioactivity. This again contradicted Dr. Murray's hypothesis.



The Discovery:


A hypothesis was developed. It was postulated that active organic substances in seawater working together with the plentiful trace minerals were responsible for the observed bioactivity when the extract was used as fertilizer. Total Organic Carbon (TOC) assays of both our extract and the stripped seawater showed that we were indeed concentrating substantially all of the organic material from the seawater. The extract was dried in an oxidizing atmosphere at a temperature sufficient to burn off all contained carbon. This resulted in a pure mineral concentrate that had absolutely no observable bioactivity when used at the same application rate as previously. This was a good first proof of the hypothesis.


A second proof was devised. Using the data from our research trips together with satellite imagery, the potency of sample sources was plotted and potential contributing factors were observed including mineral deposition in the contributing watersheds, time of year, upwelling currents against the continental shelf, agricultural runoff, recent volcanic activity, known offshore volcanic plums, industrial pollution, prevailing winds and degree of salinity. Sample points were determined that should be optimum for the presence of the class of organic materials that we desired to harvest. Sampling was done and the results were another verification of the hypothesis.



The Result:


As a result we have been able to locate optimum sources of seawater and identify a superior method of extraction that now allows us to make an extract twice as strong as before while holding prices the same. It is our profound hope that we have helped to make possible the more wide spread use of this blessing of nature for both soil and personal health.



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